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Mental Achievement Certification

Whilst there appears to be plenty of recognition available for all of the physical sports, there appears to be far less for the equally important range of Mental Achievements. Through the Brain Club, you will be able to obtain certification to recognise your progressive achievements in all of the Five Learning Mind Sports of Memory, Mind Mapping, IQ, Creativity and Speed Reading.

Initially, these will be awarded on a self certification basis, although we will expect you to confirm that you are entitled to receive the certificate and that, if required, you would be able to provide an independent witness as proof.

There are ten levels of certification in each of the Five Learning Mind Sports.

These ten levels are also represented by  colours.

The first level is the lowest progressing up to the highest level, level one.

Colour Awards

10 White
9 White plus red band

White plus two red bands

6 Orange
5 Yellow
4 Green
3 Blue
2 Indigo
1 Violet



Master Grades are known as Rainbow Grades and are given progressively for each Master Level in all of the five sports starting at Rainbow Level 1 and progressive upwards.  The individual qualification for each levels are shown on the pages for each individual Mind Sport


To print off a sample certificate

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